EPA continues to kill jobs

The EPA has become the most strident eradicator of blue-collar, private sector union jobs in America.

The EPA has eliminated more jobs, factories and pro-union industrial facilities than even the “right to work” policies of many Republicans. Mills, mines, factories and power and coal fired power generating stations are shutting down. Unionized facilities are falling prey to the rules, regulations, fines and outright forced shutdowns by the environmental bureaucrats.

There are 10 coal fired power generating stations in the tri-state, W.Va.-Ohio-Pa. area that are slated to be shut down. These plant closings are due to the expensive and excessive demands of the EPA’s ruse and guise of mercury reduction.

Thousands of union coal miners, utility workers and building trades personnel will face reduced or eliminated work opportunities.

The cost per kilowatt will skyrocket. As energy costs increase, industry and tax revenue will decrease. Consumers will face higher utility bills.

Meanwhile, as American businesses decline, the Third World and the BRIC nations of Brazil, Russia, India and, especially, China, will flourish as more investors build factories in foreign lands.

Is that the real purpose of the EPA? Is this how the EPA works to the benefit of foreigners who own our trillion-dollar, “hope and change,” national debt?

But the irony is that the EPA is endorsed, financed and promoted by the Democrats. And the Democratic Party is endorsed and supported by the AFL-CIO. Why is the so-called, self-proclaimed party of the working man along with labor leaders silently and tacitly allowing this to happen?

It will be tragically interesting to see how labor leaders and the liberal, progressive politicians they support will explain this to the thousands of underemployed and unemployed workers who trusted them.

Michael Guy