More places needed for youths to go in city

In the city of Wheeling, teenagers are frequently getting into trouble for loitering at places like Sheetz, Tim Horton’s, Vance Church, etc.

This is simply because these teenagers cannot find anything better to do with their time around here. A lot of times when they do it will potentially involve drugs or alcohol.

This is why Wheeling should take initiative and give the kids something to do.

This past weekend, I took a trip to Huntington and there was plenty to do down there. There were different events at the civic center, night clubs for kids younger than 18 and kids 18 and older, indoor water parks, and many other activities that myself, as an 18 year old, could part take in and enjoy.

Someone in Wheeling needs to consider the installation of clubs or something of that sort that would keep kids off the city streets and from loitering every weekend and over breaks from school. An indoor water park wouldn’t hurt either, it would possibly attract a lot of money from people who travel from greater distances as well. Wheeling needs to do something about having nothing to do.

Alex Stephens