Mount will be missed

As the year ends, I am missing the cross on top of the beautiful, historic Mount de Chantal school.

What was standing for many decades – a wonderful school memory for hundreds – came down in less than a month. I came home today and looked out my kitchen window in Morningside, over the interstate, up on the hill, and all I could see was the tops of trees.

“Hush-hush, get it down, once it is gone no one will care” is what will make those whose decision it was to tear down the building feel good in the boardroom.

For those whose lives were transformed by the richness of the historic institution – the schoolchildren who are now parents and professionals in this wonderful city and country – it is such a shame.

Clear out the trash and dumps downtown. Rebuild our inner city, what was the past is gone there. But why couldn’t we save the rich history of Mount de Chantal?

The cross is gone, the building is gone, corporate plans prevail. What a shame.

Michael Hudimac