Profits Put Ahead Of Patriotism

Editor, News-Register:

Missing from the article about high gas prices on Dec. 20 was the fact that U.S. refiners have doubled their exports of gasoline since the beginning of 2011. We exported an extra 430,000 barrels of gasoline per day in September. We began exporting gasoline in late 2008, something we haven’t done since 1960.

It should come as no surprise that domestic oil companies are putting big profits ahead of patriotism despite the rhetoric about “energy independence.” U.S. natural gas exports are up as well and Mountaineer Gas has applied for a rate increase. So when the BS about drilling for oil in ANWR, fracking West Virginia and the necessity of building pipelines starts up with the attendant “energy independence” mantra thrown in, just remember who benefits and that you do not.

David A. Becker