Drilling companies need to pay for roads

For the last six years, I have driven from Wheeling to Cameron to visit my mother in the continuous care center there and witnessed the huge amount of truck traffic and subsequent damage to U.S. 250.

The trucks are way overweight, feel they own the road, make the trip much longer. Each and every daily driver could tell you stories of near misses because of these trucks.

It is not getting any better and, as a matter of fact, is much worse.

I suggest these companies pay up. Why not just have them pitch in with a few hundred million so the long talked about Interstate 68 extension from Moundsville to Morgantown through Cameron be built.

They own the mineral rights, roadways, pipelines and are making huge profits.

Now why not give back some of their huge cash reserves so these residents can be rewarded for the delays, damage and danger of traveling a winding two lane road with their lives in danger each and every day.

Let them have 250. We want a new road that is RICHLY deserved.

Michael Hudimac