We the People Should Elect the Right People

Editor, News-Register:

“WE THE PEOPLE” listened to the president give the State of the Union address. Going into a presidential year, ‘WE THE PEOPLE” should be looking into the state of the presidency. Should we, as Americans, be voting for a person to make us feel good that we voted for the first man of color; should we feel good if we voted for the first woman as president? “WE THE PEOPLE” should vote for the best person to lead our country.

If our spouse or our child needed a major operation, would we ask for the first doctor out of pre-med school? No, we would ask for the best. This president said the last president ran the car into the ditch, and he is driving the car now. May I make a suggestion? While driving the car (economy) down the road, quit looking in the rear-view mirror and start looking through the windshield. See where you, Mr. President, are taking this country.

Lead us as Americans, not Democrats, Republicans or Independents. Help raise our country back up from where we have fallen. We should not be ashamed of being the best country in the world.

We as Americans need to be proud of who “WE THE PEOPLE” are; what ‘WE THE PEOPLE” have achieved over our 200-plus years of existence. Let “WE THE PEOPLE” get the right people in office to lead, from top to bottom, to put this country back on top where people and countries around the world envy us once again.

Let us once again as a country be proud of what we see when “WE AS AMERICANS” look in a mirror.

Let us, as Americans, start to turn this country back around so we can be proud of what we pass on to our children as our parents were when they passed it over to us.

Let us, “WE THE PEOPLE,” hire the right people to run this country as “WE THE PEOPLE” run our personal households. We the people pay our bills on time, and wouldn’t write checks if there is no money.

It’s time for us, as Americans, to do the right thing and hire the right people.

Barry Stahl

Valley Grove