Americans’ Irresponsibility Forces Government to Take Action

On July 1 in West Virginia, a new law will take effect that makes it primary offenses to text message and use a cell phone while driving. The government waited a long time to pass such a law, considering that it is a fact that it is unsafe to text message and or talk on a cell phone while driving. The original question is, why did the government have to pass such a law? Are they not intruding in our lives and our liberties? Certainly they are. They should not have to pass such a law. But it our fault that they are compelled to pass this law. We, as an educated citizenry, should be responsible enough to understand that we cannot drive a vehicle safely and text message at the same time. But apparently we are not that responsible. Therefore, the government is forced to act to save us from ourselves. The Fatality Analysis Reporting System reports that in year 2009, 5,474 people were killed in automobile accidents on U.S. roadways as a result of distracted driving. An additional 448,000 were injured.

A common complaint is that the government is intruding in our lives. The state of our health care system is an example of where the government deemed it is necessary to intervene. This is because of consumer inadequate responsibility, the escalating costs and concerns about the quality of care delivered.

But it is not only the responsibility of the ordinary citizen. It is also the responsibility of those who hold the reigns of leadership and management to deliver to us more efficient systems. The case in point here is the crisis in the financial sector in 2008. The government was compelled to act to save the U.S. financial system, which is vital to our progress and survival. Both Presidents George W. Bush and Barrack Obama intervened with the Troubled Assets Relief Program and the Frank-Dodd Wall Street Reform Act respectively.

The government also intervened carefully to restructure the Chrysler and General Motors automobile corporations. These are big and important industries in our country, because we have to stay competitive with other countries and a leader in the industrial world. But the leaders and managers of these companies did not do their jobs responsibly and efficiently enough. Therefore the government was forced to act for the common good.

If we do not want to become a nanny state, we have to be more responsible and work more efficiently, and thus prevent the government from intruding in our lives. It is actually unpatriotic to be irresponsible and inefficient. It also affects our national security in the long run.

Jonathan Samaroo