Gingrich Best Alternative to Obama

Editor, News-Register:

Recently I received an email that said, “In 2008 you voted for Barack Obama to prove you were not a racist. In 2012 you must vote for somebody else to prove you are not an idiot.”

Let’s face it, 59 percent of this country feels we are headed in the wrong direction. Unemployment is still too high, our national debt is still climbing, and gasoline prices have almost doubled since he took office.

He has gone around the world apologizing to just about everyone because, according to him, America has “become arrogant, lazy …” and while bowing and kowtowing to questionable “friends” and powers, he has ignored and insulted Israel, our most faithful ally.

America is learning the hard way that we cannot “buy” friends. Friendship between nations is built on faith and trust. Even our close friends are questioning whether their faith in us is justified. Will we really be there for them if needed?

Militarily, America is becoming more and more unsafe. While it is true that technology is improving some of our abilities, all our fighting forces are being downsized as to both manpower and equipment. Iran will have no problem acquiring nuclear capabilities if we continue our present path of foreign policy.

In the 1930s Great Britain had its Neville Chamberlain who, to many, “sold out” his country to Hitler and the Nazis. Fortunately, they also had Winston Churchill, their “English bulldog,” who said “no” to Hitler and his cohorts. Today we have our own Neville Chamberlain in Barack Obama.

The question is: Where is our Winston Churchill? I believe it is in the person of Newt Gingrich.

While others are criticizing each other about past decisions and deeds, they have said little about specific positive steps they would take to solve America’s problems and restore her greatness. Speaker Gingrich has!

True, he is presently down in the polls, as a result of an onslaught of negative ads and the “lame stream” media. It’s also true that many Washington insiders, many of them Republican, prefer someone else as their candidate. But I am convinced that Speaker Gingrich is the one to bring positive, conservative change to the hypocrisy and political “games” that go on in Washington. He has balanced budgets and he brought Congress back to the GOP after 40 years.

No candidate can qualify as “perfect.” I believe, however, because of Newt’s pride in America, his desire for a strong and protected America, and his strong desire to see the $16 trilion debt go away, he is our “Winston Churchill” for 2012, the pit bull we need at this time in our country.

Don Hitchcock

New Martinsville