DMV renewal process is absurd

I received my drivers’ license renewal form recently. In order to renew my license, I needed a birth certificate, my original Social Security card and two utility bills.

On the bottom of my Social Security card it states, “For Social Security and tax purposes – Not for identification.” The utility bills supposedly ‘prove’ my address.

My current drivers’ license is not good enough to identify me, so I need a birth certificate.

Never mind that in order to get my license at 16, I needed a birth certificate.

So I got a copy of my birth certificate. You want to guess what I used for identification at the clerk’s office? Yup, my drivers license – the exact same one that is no good for identification at the DMV!

It seems as if Marx is in charge of Homeland Security – Harpo Marx. It is obvious to me that a terrorist organization of first graders could easily fake all this. I call this level of absurdity and surveillance Bushism.

The clerk handed me my birth certificate and inquired if it was correct. I looked it over and thought, “Technically I have no idea, I only know my name from hearsay.”

David A. Becker