McKinley Wrong on Military Budget

Rep. McKinley’s vote to increase military spending is wrong.

I am all for reducing government spending and waste using a balanced approach. However, increasing the budget for military spending (a large portion of which is directed to private contractors) is extremely misguided. For example, the U.S. has a nuclear arsenal of approximately 2,500 weapons, along with numerous delivery systems.

Each of these weapons is many times more powerful than what we dropped on Japan. The United States could completely destroy our entire planet many times over, just with the nuclear arsenal.

How much money has the United States wasted in Iraq and Afghanistan? We should be cutting the defense budget by 10 percent, not increasing it by 10 percent as reflected in the bill McKinley voted for recently. How much money has our congressman received from defense contractors to direct toward his re-election?

We really need to limit our federal representatives to one term in office. Lining the pockets of defense contractors in the name of “national security” is an insult to our collective intelligence. I recommend our congressman go back and look for waste in our bloated defense budget and start making comon-sense budget cuts!

Lou Assaro

Clarksburg, W.Va.