Sports Field Benefit Questioned

Dear Editor:

This is an open letter to Wheeling Mayor Andy McKenzie:

Andy, in The Intelligencer dated March 21, stating “Council Gives Nod to Removal,” you were quoted as saying after the meeting that Mr. Poynton’s remarks were idiocy. For your information since you don’t know the meaning of idiocy, I will tell you what Webster’s Dictionary says the word means:

1. The state of being an idiot.

2. Behavior like that of an idiot, great foolishness or stupidity.

3. An idiotic act or remarks.

I don’t believe Mr. Poynton is an idiot. He deserves a public apology from you. He stated good points and it was wrong to use eminent domain to steal these people’s properties for a sports field. I use the word steal, as these people didn’t want to sell. Their homes were taken from them, for whose benefit?

The Miracle Field we needed. This is an exception, as we didn’t have one for these children.

Wake up, Andy. Who is the idiot here? Not Mr. Poynton. Mr. Poynton will have my vote come Election Day as will new incoming candidates for council and city offices that we vote for. We need to clean house, both locally and nationally. Get rid of these “Do as I say people.”

Mary West