Raccoons running amok in the Friendly City

I am writing in regard to the raccoon problem in Elm Grove and the entire city of Wheeling. This is a major problem that needs addressed by the city of Wheeling, which – as I have just read – is going to increase garbage rates.

Everybody knows on garbage night the raccoons will be out, but now they are out every night destroying property and making a mess of garbage.

When I came home from work last week, a raccoon came right up to my car as I was getting out, I was trapped in my car, so I starting honking the horn, which alerted my neighbors, who are also aware of this problem.

I was informed that the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia has an epidemic of rabid raccoons. This is a dangerous situation, especially with children playing outside all summer.

I am asking that the city step up and take responsibility to assist in this matter or we will have to take other measures to resolve this problem ourselves, which means someone getting hurt or bitten.

Let’s keep Wheeling known as the Friendly City, not the City of Rabid Raccoons Running Amok.

Carol Heldreth