Promises, promises

How many times in the last few years has the headline, “Bellaire Bridge to finally come down” been reported in the Ohio Valley? I say it is like the boy crying wolf – I will believe it when the last blast of dynamite finally takes the old dilapidated eyesore and hazard into the Ohio River.

What about the Rogers Hotel? How many times has it been reported that someone is finally cleaning it up and going to make it “new again?” It is another eyesore, and blemish on this beautiful Ohio valley. Why can’t the city take some action?

One other that has not been in the news, but needs to be, is the old Imperial Pools building sitting on McColloch Street in East Wheeling. The roof is caving in, bricks are falling and it is one of the most dangerous structures in town. Will it take a huge fire or collapse for it to finally come down?

Let’s get rid of these eyesores and start to rebuild this beautiful valley, not make promises or let someone get hurt or killed before taking action.

Michael Hudimac