Romney, Ryan Have Best Economic Plan

Editor, News-Register:

The presidential candidate, Mitt Romney has made his pick for vice presidential running mate, and I for one believe he has made the best possible choice in Paul Ryan. The American people now have the opportunity to elect someone who has the business experience in Romney, (and more than just a community organizer) and a numbers geek who has the common sense to relay to the American people why changes are needed. The numbers don’t lie!!

The Democrats are already carping about Ryan’s budget proposal, but at least he had the guts and knowledge to bring one forth, unlike the lying Harry Reid who has not had a Senate proposal for over three years, (for the first time in American History!). Either they can’t understand the problems we are facing, or are afraid to face the needed solutions that will keep us from going over the cliff ! It’s now time to make the tough decisions needed to save this country from the same realities that major cities and counties are facing – bankruptcy! You were told they were coming, but many of you never believed it could happen here. Every prediction of insolvency is moved closer every time economists look at the numbers. Admit it that we are now in a crisis situation that needs to be addressed now!

Some solutions may not be perfect, but it’s a start, rather than doing nothing and continuing both the needed and wasteful spending at the level that our government is now engaged in. Democrats are saying Romney’s plan is gutting Medicare for seniors, when in reality, his $400 billion in cuts go right back into Medicare, unlike Obama’s plan, which takes $716 billion out of Medicare to fund Obamacare. Remember what happened when they borrowed from Social Security? Ask yourself just who is gutting Medicare.

In Romney’s plan, seniors who are 55 years of age or older will see no changes in their benefits, and proposed changes will be incremental according to your age (50 years old will not see the same changes as 45-year-olds). His proposals still won’t balance the Medicare budget for 28 years, while the president’s plan will increase the national debt by a minimum of over a trillion dollars every year! Does this sound like he’s solving the problem???

Democrats are wanting tax increases on the wealthy, when in reality, this increase does not address the waste, fraud, and abuse of government spending. We have over $460 million every year in Food Stamp fraud, and if it continues as it is, it is estimated to be over $11 billion in the next 10 years. GM, which the president says he saved, still owes the taxpayers $27 billion. If they’re doing so good, why aren’t they repaying their debt? Government Amtrack has lost over $800 million just from their food service departments, not counting the billions in government subsidies for the rail lines! Government entities are still spending millions every year on their “meetings and conferences” even after the GSA debacle, showing the waste in these trysts! could save us millions every year. Just a thought!

The respected Ernst and Young Association has said that under Obama’s tax plan, 900,000 businesses (mostly small) will have increased tax burdens, which will either be passed on to consumers, or force layoffs or worse, closure. They also estimate at least 700,000 jobs will be lost. Is this what we need?

Obama ran on change. Well, if we ever needed it, it is now. Just ask the employees at Ormet, the Burger and Sammis plant, or the coal miners potentially losing their jobs! Four hundred economist, five of them with Nobel Laureate credentials, agree that Ryan’s budget is superior to Obama’s proposal. Paul Ryan said it best when he said, “We are a country of equal opportunity, not of equal outcomes!!” Success must be earned and is not an entitlement – my addition!

Dwain Knight