Wheeling Is Not The Friendly City

Editor, News-Register:

Wheeling -The Friendly City? -NOT!

While I was walking from my first day of orientation at a new job (on Fulton Street), I asked a business owner how far it was to CVS on National Road. His response was “A half a mile, at best.” (It’s more along the lines of 1 1/2 miles, at least!) Armed with this info, I set off on my way. At the intersection of Mt. DeChantel and National Road, I was crossing with the traffic but did not see a huge pothole in the center of the road.

I stumbled but managed to stay on my feet. However, one block before TJ’s, my luck ran out. I tripped on an unneven curb, went down hard on all fours, and hurt myself badly! I laid there on the sidewalk for four minutes, and not one car whizzing by on National Road beeped, stopped, or even bothered to slow down to see if I was okay! Not one! And I might add, this is not my first instance with such blatant disregard for others. I’ve stood, even sat, on the sidewalk in front of Hardees for one solid hour, wearing two knee braces and a cane, waiting for the bus, and no one even gave me a second glance. It also happened to me walking from South Wheeling (40th and Jacob) to Benwood Kroger, sitting on the curb from severe pain and exhaustion, an again, with two knee braces and a cane, and not one person offered to help!

For these reasons, no one had better ever say in my presence, “Wheeling is ‘The Friendly City'” because they will get an earful from me!

Marylyn Paulin