Federal Reserve Bank Runs U.S.

This letter is for Sen. Joe Manchin on the article that was in the Wheeling paper Aug. 5 about being being riled up about our $16 trillion debt.

I’m glad you realized that our nation is in debt and how serious it is, Sen. Manchin, since being in politics since 1982. Where have you been all these years?

Former Sen. Alan Simpson and financial adviser Erskine Bowles and their book they have out includes plans for economic recovery. If I were you, I wouldn’t put any faith in their book. Bowles worked as former chief of staff under President Bill Clinton. He didn’t do anything then, so what makes you think he’ll do anything now.

You see, the problem with these kind of people is they have a habit of cutting Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Something that the people paid into all their working lives. Then, you have them wanting to raise taxes. While we are already paying about 52 percent in taxes. Paying this 52 percent in taxes is one of Karl Marx’s conditions for a communist, totalitarian state.

Be a real hero and have President Obama sign the presidential decree, Executive Order 11110, back into existence. This would strip the Federal Reserve Bank and put them out of business. In other words, it would kill the Federal Reserve. This is a very simple matter of economics. By the way, I do give classes on the Federal Reserve. The order would also give the Treasury Department the authority to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion in the treasury.

If the presidents had left Executive Order 11110 in when President John Kennedy signed it in on June 4, 1963, it would have prevented the national debt from reaching $16 trillion. Until this very day, Executive Order 11110 has never been repealed, amended, or superceded by any other Executive Order. In other words, it is still valid. If you are really serious about getting rid of the debt, Sen. Manchin, let me give you some words of advice: The Federal Reserve runs the government – the government doesn’t run the Federal Reserve.

To sum up this letter: We are slaves to a central banking system that runs our country.

John Kurpil