Johnson Moving In Wrong Direction

Editor, News-Register:

I feel I must comment on the Sunday commentary to re-elect Johnson to U.S. Congress in Ohio. The article states Johnson hit the ground running two years ago, but my question is in which direction is he going? He voted to kill Medicare Part D Donut Hole on the first day which would cost recipients an additional $96 million over the span of 10 years. It would also increase medical expenses for our seniors by $6,400 in out-of-pocket expenses.

Congressman Johnson voted against a House Resolution that would hold China accountable for currency manipulation. He has also voted to keep tax loopholes in place that allow corporations to keep profits overseas, which encourages outsourcing.

Before being a congressman, he was involved in a high-tech small business which he was an executive. This small business participated in the closing of multiple manufacturing facilities that moved hundreds of jobs to Mexico, China and India.

One in four jobs can be outsourced in this country. I don’t think this is the direction this country needs to be heading. This is part of the problem!

The 112th Congress is at a 10 percent approval rating. This is the lowest approval rating since the Congress was formed with all these Americans out of work and no jobs bill or farm bills being passed. What has he done?

Dave Cain