Needs Help Finding Lost Cat

On Aug. 17, my cat, who was staying at my sister’s house on Blanche Avenue in Boggs Run while I was in Texas visiting my son and grandchildren, got out of her house and has been lost since. We have looked for her since this happened, have hung flyers door-to-door in the Boggs Run area, and had several ads in local newspapers. We have checked the local animal shelters and contacted local veterinary offices.

Our cat, Sooty, is an all-black, short haired, de-clawed, female cat who has always been kept indoors.

We have met some very nice people who have called us with sightings of black cats in their area, but unfortunately none has been Sooty. We have been helped by many friends helping us look for her and distributing our flyers. We appreciate these wonderful people more than words can say.

Sooty is very friendly and trusting of people; we feel she would have gone to a door, porch or deck to look for help. Our hope is that someone has taken Sooty in; someone who has not seen our flyers or newspaper ads.

We ask your readers to ask anyone they may know who has taken in a black female cat since Aug. 17 if they think the cat may be our Sooty. We are heartbroken without her and want to get her back. We are offering a $1,500 reward for her return.

If you believe you have Sooty or know where she is, please call 304-242-7877 or 304-639-5860. We need her home.

Andrea McDonald