Obama and friends surrounded by secrets

There are new emails that were sent to the Obama administration that prove that within 2 hours there was a terrorist attack in Libya and that al-Qaida was behind it.

There were also emails that were sent to the administration from the ambassador in Libya requesting more security that were sent at least two months prior to the attack.. The ambassador and three others were murdered. These emails were ignored.

The security that was there was pulled out and not replaced even though there were at least two other attacks on the embassy blowing holes in the surrounding wall.

Even after the emails were sent to the White House, they still insisted that a video caused a spontaneous attack on the embassy.

Why wouldn’t the administration send reinforcements to the Libyan embassy to replace the security that was called back?

Why wouldn’t the administration help protect the ambassador when they could see from a drone that he was under attack?

Why did they keep up the charade of a so-called video even after they knew it had nothing to do with it?

It seems there is a huge cover-up going on concerning the Libyan attack. The president’s lack of concern for the Libyan ambassador and the subsequent cover-up should be a concern for all of us.

It seems like they wanted the ambassador to be killed.

Before any more judgments are made about the true story, the president needs to explain exactly what happened like who was it that ordered the withdrawal of security forces in Libya.

Until that time it looks like an assassination of the ambassador.

Mr. Obama talks about trust in a president. How can any one trust him when there are so many secrets surrounding his presidency?

Chris Alloway