The EPA won’t rest until American labor is dead

President Obama’s EPA is set to send thousands of coal miners, electrical power station workers, building trade trade workers, etc. into perpetual poverty and unemployment.

Ostensible, this is to regulate the one-third of one percent of the atmosphere, carbon dioxide or some other purported health related reason.

When Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin merely wanted to reduce wages and benefits of state government workers, the liberal world valiantly descended upon the governor in the defense of union labor.

Ditto for Boeing’s attempt to move to South Carolina.

But when a liberal, progressive Democrat President sends the EPA out to destroy union labor, the silence of tacit compliance is deafening.

President Obama’s EPA has now become the most virulent, anti-blue-collar, private-sector union organization in Washington D.C.

But no labor leader, Democratic politician or elite liberal media or university personnel seem willing to “stand up for union labor” when our “hope and change” president betrays AFL-CIO members and sentences union workers to permanent unemployment.

Is this because the prerequisite terms and condition for more trillion-dollar loans by foreign plutocrats is the reduction of competitive American industries?

Michael Guy

Canonsburg, Pa.