Workers Should Have Choice

Your newspaper contained an article condemning the forced unionism of state analysts in Ohio. I am essentially pro-union, but with some restrictions. No one should be forced to join a union in order to obtain employment. If an individual is hired and refuses to join a union, then that is his privilege. But that person should not be entitled to any contractual benefits gained by the union. He/she would have to accept whatever the company is willing to provide and be considered an at-will employee.

On another note, I don’t believe that any employee should be permitted union representation if charged with a crime associated with the union.

Some years back, there was a local business having labor problems, complete with a picket line. Several employees took it upon themselves to pay a night visit to a foreman’s home. They proceeded to throw bricks through his front window. His children were in the house.

The culprits were caught and convicted. The union forced the company to give them their jobs back. This was wrong. I can understand pushing, shoving and tousling on a picket line, but to attack a man in his home … Incidentally, the company eventually moved far away, taking the jobs with them.

William Patsche

St. Clairsville