Do the Responsible Thing and Vote

My 80 years of life in America have given me prosperity, when I was committed and willing to work for it. Our forefathers came to America because they were being heavily taxed in Europe and they wanted the freedoms, which we have preserved and cherished for 200-plus years for our families and for which the Constitution and Bill of Rights provided.

Now it’s your turn. Do you want to live under socialism, a dictator and be taxed as they do around the world? The future of the United States now lies in your hands.

I have been reading a book by David Limbaugh titled “The Great Destroyer.” Please read the following quotations from it:

“President Obama’s war on oil is doing incredible damage to America, costing jobs, depressing economic growth, and hindering our national security by keeping us dependent on oil from Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and other repugnant regimes. He claims to support more drilling alongside ‘green energy,’ but don’t believe him – through all his rhetorical attacks on oil companies, through all his moratoriums and damaging regulations, through all his resistance to Keystone XL (the Alaska Pipeline) and fracking, it’s clear that he views oil as an obstacle, not a complement, to his alternative energy schemes. By developing more of our own, bountiful supply of oil, we could lower unemployment, reduce gas prices, create more government revenues to help balance the budget, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. But Obama has different priorities; instead of producing more oil, he wants to reduce and – in his utopian fantasies -ultimately eliminate it.”

According to the Gulf Economic Survival Team in 2012, who studied drilling, “the losses stemming from the administration’s delayed permit process – could total 230,000 American Jobs, more than $44 billion of U.S. GDP, nearly $12 billion in tax and royalty revenues to state and federal treasuries, U.S. oil production of more then 400,000 barrels of oil per day (150 million barrels for the year), and a potential reduction of the amount that the United States spends on imported oil of around $15 billion.”

Investor’s Business Daily reported Ken Salazar of the Department of the Interior under Obama had blocked the leases of oil shale rights in five westernstates, estimated to hold between 1 trillion and 2 trillion barrels of recoverable oil. The Energy Department’s Argonne National Laboratory says that 800 billion barrels are recoverable with current technology. In addition, a 2008 Utah Mining Association report states that the West’s oil shale gives America the potential to be completely energy self-sufficient.”

When you or your parents came to this country, they became an American, responsible for all the liberties and responsibilities to support the Constitution and government of these United States. Once they were legally educated in the laws of America, they were given the right to vote and swear allegiance to our flag. Our ancestors have fought and died in many wars to preserve that freedom. Now it’s your responsibility – too many leave it up to someone else.

Please be responsible and vote on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

I am a registered Democrat since I became eligible at 18. I have used that right every year to preserve the freedoms of the Constitution awarded to me as a citizen – regretfully not always voting for the right party; when I found their commitment was not to my best interest or to America. With the above truthful knowledge, I hope it will enable you to vote wisely and intelligently.

As a citizen, America needs you to be responsible and prove your intelligence.

Robert W. Thomas, mayor