Resources Theirs To Use as They Please

Editor, News-Register:

I am writing in response to the recent letter to the editor: “Respecting the Environment.” The writer believes that we should drop atomic bombs on Canada, Japan, Brazil or any other country that does not treat their natural resources as he sees fit. The key word here is their. We may not like the manner in which other countries treat their resources, but they are, according to rule of law, theirs to treat as they see fit.

What if your neighbor does not treat his yard/lawn to your satisfaction? Do you intend to bomb his house as a response? What about all of those who are leasing their land for gas exploration or pipeline right-of-way? I guess those who do not comply with your vision will just have to die.

The writer shows no respect for the law or for private property rights, Those growing palm oil trees have the same rights as those drilling for gas.

Since the writer does not own any atomic bombs, he would enlist the government to beat all of those bad countries and evil people in to submission. Perfect. Just what we need, more legislation by force or by bribe.

It is true that civilization survived thousands of years without palm oil. We also survived thousands of years without cell phones, automobiles and antibiotics. (Gee, I sure hope that we are using those in a manner which you can accept.) What we can’t survive is more of this type of attitude: “I am right. I am the only one who is right. Anyone who does not comply with my vision of right has to go.”

Paul Suprenant