Smears were by liberals


While home in the valley visiting family for Thanksgiving, I accidentally read the “Smear Strategy a Failure” article by C. Rogerson in the 11/20 edition of The Intelligencer, believing it was an article about the smear campaign run by Obama’s camp. I was actually quite surprised to learn that Rogerson feels President Obama was the victim of a smear campaign. Then I remembered that all liberals love being portrayed as victims, so it really isn’t that surprising.

The fact is, we, the hard working, producers of this nation, oppose President Obama due to his policies, particularly those that include wealth grabbing and redistribution. Mr. Obama’s race, place of birth, gender, etc., really only matter to liberals searching for another straw man to distract attention from Obama’s devastating policies. Rogerson is right: Obama has another four years to further cripple our economy and country by killing coal, oil, gas, manufacturing and business in general while continuing our death spiral toward an unrecoverable level of debt. For all of our sakes, I just hope the country can make it through.

On a final note, I am encouraged to see that Rogerson is an English instructor and doesn’t “teach” our community history or economics!

Stephen N. Valero

Cumming, Ga.

Originally Follansbee