Too Much Reliance on Government

Why did the majority of people vote for President Obama? Is it because they care about 8 percent unemployment, a skyrocketing debt or a $5,000 reduction in wages? The truth of the matter is that these people do not care about any of these things. All they want is free stuff like food stamps, Medicaid, welfare payments and health care. We are becoming more and more dependent on government to supply our every need, in other words, a nation that is getting lazier by the day. Soon, the days where we want to work hard to get ahead and succeed will be gone.

Got a problem, just ask the government. This is exactly what Obama wants. He does not care about unemployment; why did he not approve of the Keystone Oil Pipeline? Why did he ban any more oil drilling in the Gulf or offshore or in Alaska? These were thousands of jobs just waiting for approval. His EPA is also trying to get rid of industry like coal mining.

Do you think he really cares about the debt? No, he does not; he is going to spend even more in his second term.

We are losing the America that we grew up with. Our nation is different now. We are losing our initiative to try our best. Do you think that people will strive to do their best when the government is more than willing to give them anything that is needed? This is what is happening in Europe. Government takes over and people eventually rebel. This must not happen here.

We are not Europe. We are the United States of America and we are free, sovereign and dedicated to the protection of those freedoms given by God. Do you think the president is dedicated to what this country stands for? Was he willing to protect the U.S. ambassador in Libya or did he just want to cover up what really happened? I fear that we are in trouble and I think it may be too late to do anything about it. Obama has been given another term to mess up the country even more.

Chris Alloway