You Can’t Believe Obama and Biden

What will it take before America wakes up? It is as plain as the nose on your face that Obama and Biden are the biggest liars in America.

Obama and Biden will not take any blame for what happened in America and throughout the world. Obama and Biden put the blame on George Bush, the intelligence agency and now on Mitt Romney. Obama and Biden say, “Don’t you dare blame us, it’s not our fault.”

Biden can sit in a debate and lie, laugh and make faces and has no respect for his opponent; how much respect does he have for America and our people? None. And you call Biden a leader? Obama and the EPA have closed our steel mills and stopped offshore drilling for oil and closed our coal mines. America has enough natural resources to rebuild America and give our people the jobs we need. Drill, drill, drill.

Obama has taken the God out of America, Obama’s economic bailouts failed, the terrorist groups are larger and stronger than ever, Obama has a $16 trillion debt that will burden our children for years and this is called leadership? When you vote, just remember all the lies you have heard and the cover-ups. There will be plenty more that we haven’t heard. Enough is enough. We can not leave this to go on. The time is now for real leadership and not a bunch of liars.

Suzanne Strain

St. Clairsville