Common Ground Sought on Cliff Issue

Editor, News-Register:

I have watched the news over the past weeks. Listened to what each side said about the fiscal cliff and the downside of raising taxes. When I speak to those I know Republican and Democrat, here’s what we agree on.

The tax code is a divider not unifier it is loaded with gifts to groups from rich to poor. The government is in debt and we do not want to see it in debt. The fiscal cliff, while it is unpleasant, does attack the debt and make us all responsible. So we can take it. We would like to do it another way if possible. As far as the fair share and who benefitted from the Bush tax cuts that’s politics and separatism. Special interest feeding.

Before the Bush tax cuts we had no wars to pay and projected surplus. The key here is projected.

That went away as soon as our government decided to deviate from its long term plan. It was time to create a false economy with tax cuts before paying off the debt before paying for new programs and before paying for wars. We now have an economy that is low production and government with not enough intake from taxes. It’s plain and simple you have to put in place what you took away to pay for what you spent without the income.

That’s what needs to be done not creating false economies with tax cuts continuing and stimulus packages. You cannot also pass stimulus packages either to create a false economy.Now we have added new programs that have to be paid for also, so they have new taxes in them and guess what its a no-brainer, health care is not free whether it’s insurance or not.

Cost of living raises for medicare and Social Security have to be paid. So that means more out of everyone’s pocket.

The concept that we have citizens who do not pay income taxes needs to go. The concept that you do not have to work because you have a disability needs to go. We need to all contribute. If the government has plan to create the same revenue and fund everything I am all for it. Especially if Congress reads the bill and president reads the bill. Especially if they are not exempted from the law. So let it be, let it be. No more lies, no more false economies.

Joseph Dougherty