Don’t Cut Benefits On Which Many Rely

Editor, News-Register:

The big shots in Washington are at it again. They’re trying to figure out a way to make the working middle class pay the bill again by raising taxes and raising the Medicare age. I knew as soon as the two dumbest wars ever started in the Middle East, Iraq and Afghanistan, we would pay for it. We’ve spent billions of dollars country building these two losers – and it isn’t over yet.

We spend countless billions policing the rest of the world also, including South Korea, 250,000 troops in Germany helping their economy. We have troops in embassies in just about every country in the world. In this day of the Internet, we should close all of these embassies. Government could correspond with each other via the Internet (secure it).

I have said it before about securing the Mexican border. Forget all these high-paid border guards and electronic surveillance, which fails. Billions wasted. Move your major military bases there. They could protect the border and train at the same time.

We should have a flat tax, and get rid of the top heavy IRS. Privatize the U.S. Post Office. Put time limits on welfare; and after the time limit is up, it converts to workfare. Scary to a lot of people, I am sure. Quit giving Social Security to drug addicts and alcoholics.

It would be safer if the U.S. Senate and House would stay in their own states and vote. At present, a nuclear strike would take out our entire government. They could vote by secure lines or secure Internet using fingerprints, etc. Saving billions more, and no lobbyists. If we are going to lead the world, then our government better wake the heck up! It is not rocket science. Every household has a budget. Government should set the example – not give away the store.

It is time for every working middle class American to take a stand. Are you going to just sit there and take it when they raise your retirement age and Medicare? I know what Martin Luther King would have done. We would all have bus tickets to Washington!

There are many other ways to cut the budget instead of taking away the future of people who have worked their entire lives away, doing the right thing, and this is their reward. A slap in the face.

I say the heck with the fiscal cliff. Let Uncle Sam go over it. Let him see what it is do without. Let the people in the government take a pay cut.