Governor Lauded For Holding Cuts

Editor, News-Register:

We applaud Governor Tomblin’s decision to put on hold the child care subsidy cuts.

This valuable program assists low-income working families or those attending schools with subsidized child care.

Without this helping hand, many struggling families face the difficult decision of continuing employment and seeking substandard childcare from well-intentioned, but unqualified help or dropping out of the job market to take care of their children.

Even worse was the story told to me earlier in the week that because of these proposed cuts her 16 year old daughter would have to drop out of school to watch her younger siblings, so she could work to pay her bills.

As West Virginia is near the bottom of individuals in the labor market, we do not need cuts that will bring more obstacles to employment. On the contrary, we should be doing everything that we can to ensure hard-working families have gainful employment and a strong educational, nutritional background and safe environment for our children to grow healthy and be prepared for the future.

Let’s not be complacent on this temporary good news, but let our legislators hear from us, so they may be continue to address this issue and find a permanent working solution that benefits all West Virginians.

Mark Sliter-Hays, Executive Director, Catholic Charities WV