Holding Police More Accountable

Editor, News-Register:

This letter is in response to your Wheeling police report section of your Nov. 25 edition. Are the citizens of Wheeling to believe that on Friday, Nov. 23 and Saturday, Nov. 24, the only crimes committed and arrests made were for two DUIs? Are you serious?

How stupid does the Wheeling Police Department think we are?

I believe this is an attempt by local law enforcement to cook the books, trying to make the city appear more friendly and crime-free than it really is.

It is the duty of the Wheeling Police Department to inform the public of crimes and arrests made, with the exception of ongoing investigations. It should be the duty of this newspaper to push for more from local law enforcement because someone is cooking the books. And last, the citizens of Wheeling should hold not only the local law enforcement more accountable, but local politicians, such as City Council.

Josh Jacobs