Lawmakers Should Listen to Concerns

Editor, News-Register:

Where can we go to get our voices heard? We have been trying to get our elected officials to understand that our health is at risk – and yet, all they want to talk about is a “war on coal.”

This is a mission for health protections for our community and many others like it. Elected officials need to take a step back and really listen to the facts – not those just created by industry lobbyists – we mean the real facts. Facts that show how Little Blue Run coal ash impoundment and others like it are harming communities like ours.

Facts like how the Pennsylvania DEP and the West Virginia DEP have ignored the warning signs of that pollution and choose to stand by, doing nothing, while we were in harm’s way.

It’s long overdue that health protection was the priority not money for polluters. I urge Senators Rockefeller and Manchin to listen to our voices: We need and deserve federal rules to protect us – especially because the WVDEP has failed to do so. States can do some of the enforcement work – but federal requirements for all 50 states is the only way our health protections can be assured.

“Compromise” bills being talked about in Congress compromise our health and do nothing to protect us now or in the future. Too many loopholes and convoluted language is not real protection. Congressman McKinley and Senator Manchin have it dead wrong!

Beulah Bryan