Valley Native Misses Favorite Pizza Place

Editor, News-Register:

I now live in Marietta, Georgia, but grew up in Wellsburg. On any given Friday or Saturday night, our family ritual was to pick up pizza at DiCarlo’s Pizza.

After graduating from WVU in 1977, my first job took me south, and what I missed more that anything else was that wonderful pizza. Every time my wife and subsequently our three children came home to visit, DiCarlo’s pizza was definitely on the agenda.

I have often lamented that we could not get DiCarlo’s in Georgia, which prompted our youngest daughter to surprise me and have some shipped. She called DiCarlo’s and spoke to Toni DiCarlo, who owns the store in Wheeling.

Toni graciously told my daughter that she was coming to Atlanta, and would bring some with her. Needless to say, we were prepared to pay whatever Ms. DiCarlo wanted for the pizza, but she would not accept a dime. She just said “It’s Christmas.”

The pizza has been very much enjoyed.

This is a great example of what Christmas is all about.

Ken Leach

Marietta, Georgia