Weirton Really Cares About Helping Others

Editor, News-Register

I, George Kondick, mayor of the city of Weirton, have been deeply touched with the generosity of the citizens, schools and organizations who contributed to the Weirton Cares Program.

Monetary dollars were spent on baby food, diapers, baby wipes and cleaning supplies. To acknowledge everyone would take the remainder of this page. I would like to thank our committee members who participated by sorting clothes, loading trucks and picking up supplies for individuals who gave, but could not get to the drop-off sites.

Additionally, I would like to thank the individuals who donated money, stored supplies and bought supplies, and a special thank you to the individuals who drove to sites in New Jersey and West Virginia to help people in need.

At this time of year, the giving season, our great citizens of Weirton shined again by supporting this cause.

Mayor George J. Kondick

Weirton Cares Committee