Worry About Good Of U.S., Not Politics

Editor, News-Register:

The recent Republican politicization of the horrific tragedy that had taken place in Benghazi, Libya, which resulted in the deaths of four patriotic Americans as the result of an unprovoked attack on our embassy by terrorists which has been led by Arizona’s Senior Republican Senator and unsuccessful 2008 Republican Presidential nominee, John McCain, is both troubling and disconcerting.

After all, should we not as a nation rally in support of our great country and its leaders and vehemently oppose the actual perpetrators of such a cruel and vile act, who are in actuality our true enemies?

In time pertinent questions should be asked and appropriately answered with dignity and respect. After all, are we as Americans not on the “Same Team?”

Remember how we, as a nation came together in the aftermath of the unprecedented and unimaginable attacks that took place on our native soil on Sept. 11, 2001, when over 2,700 innocent individuals were killed by foreign terrorists in support of our nation and our government?

In addition, as a result of 911 and the fear that additional terrorist attacks might be imminent, the Bush Administration led us to war against Iraq, based on misleading and faulty “intelligence,” but again we, as a nation, were united in support of our president and government.

However, many such as Senator McCain had no qualms in supporting our then-chief executive, even when the “evidence” which led us into war with Iraq was based on fabrications and non-existent “facts,” while accusing those who questioned our motivation to invade Iraq as being essentially “unpatriotic” and “terrorist sympathizers.”

Seemingly the only thing that has changed is the party affiliation of our chief executive, which has inspired such verbal attacks during this time of crisis by Republicans/conservatives.

Wonder what Republicans would have done if Ronald Reagan was a Democrat, when as president, a terrorist attack on the Marine compound in Beirut, Lebanon, resulted in the killing of 274 Americans and later the Iran-Contra affair occured, when our government sold weapons to Iran for the release of hostages and the “over payment” was used in support of Nicaraguan rebels when Reagan championed, which was indirect violation of our Constitution, as well as the Boland Amendment?

Certainly such was an impeachable offense, but the removal of President Reagan was not considered a viable option by Democrats.

However, Republicans had no qualms when impeaching Democrat President Bill Clinton, as a result of his “sexual indescretions” while in office a decade later.

If Republicans concentrated more on the important issues facing our great nation, instead of placing the game of politics as their top priority, we, as a nation, would greatly benefit.