Bond Hearing Action Questioned

Editor, News-Register:

On Monday, Jan. 7, a bond hearing for John Hatfield was conducted in Ohio County Magistrate Court with Harry Radcliffe presiding. After listening to arguments both sides on the bond reduction and hearing from Stephanie’s father, Kenneth Ward, plead as to why the bond should not be changed, Mr. Radcliffe thanked the family of Stephanie Stahl for attending. Mr. Radcliffe said, “I will not minimize Stephanie Stahl’s death by reducing the bond amount.”

What Harry Radcliffe did do is adjust the bond from cash only to a modified bond. What a slap in the face to Stephanie Stahl’s family and all the people who loved her. I stopped at Stephanie’s grave site. Yes, Mr. Radcliffe Stephanie is still confined to her life sentence. I hope the Ohio Valley will remember what you have done to us.

Barry Stahl, father-in-law

Valley Grove