Clear Snow, Ice Off Local Sidewalks

Editor, News-Register:

I am surprised that the city workers don’t make sure that all the sidewalks in front of homes, schools and walks to grocery stores are shoveled. When I drive by Triadelphia Middle School and see the children that are walkers are trying to walk on the sidewalk and sometimes they have to walk in the road which is very dangerous to get back and forth to school and home, I feel bad for them.

Also, the sidewalk from National Road to Kroger is such a mess – the other day I saw an older man carrying a fold-up shopping cart and trying not to slip on the sidewalks. What is wrong with the city that these walks are not taken care of?

Someone will slip on the walk and then sue the city – I think this matter needs to be taken care of before the next snow comes.

Ellie Klug