Copyright Laws Not Reasonable

Editor, News-Register:

This past Christmas I wanted to do something special for my mother. I was currently learning how to use Photoshop and I thought about colorizing my grandfather’s black and white military photo. After many hours of adjusting the colors and shades to get it to look as realistic as possible, I accomplished my goal. All I needed to do was to get it printed.

I went to a store to get an 8X10. After an hour of wandering the store, it was finally finished. But, the employee refused to give me the copy because she stated that it was copyrighted. By law, digital prints cannot be distributed to anyone who is not the owner of the photo for 120 years. I understand that it is the photographer’s photo, but I did everything to make it mine. The photo was taken 50 years ago and they would not give it out. It wasn’t like I was going to put my grandfather’s face everywhere as some sort of advertisement; it was a simple gift. My relative has to sign paperwork for the pictures she takes because they look professionally done. I ended up leaving the store without my photo and with a week before Christmas.

Luckily I found a place that would print my photo and it looks great. My mother cried when she opened it Christmas morning. That is something special that might have never happened, just because an employee believed that the photo was copyrighted.

Caylana Vance