Give Rockefeller Credit He Deserves

Editor, News-Register:

As I read your editor and your plethora of comments deriding Senator John D. Rockefeller’s accomplishments and dedicated service, I compelled to remind you and your misinformed readers of the facts. Some of Senator Rockefeller’s accomplishments, while representing West Virginia are:

Job Creation

Brought Toyota plant to Buffalo with 1,200 current jobs and a $1.3 billion investment.

Supported aviation programs resulting in more than $400 million for West Virginia airports and air service.

Led passage of the 2012 surface transportation bill, improving safety and supporting West Virginia jobs.

Weirton Steel ESOP assistance.

Worked nine months behind the scenes, without grabbing headlines for the Wheeling-Pitt Steel reprieve in 1995.

Authored legislation to encourage clean coal research to help position West Virginia as a global leader in clean fuel, known as carbon capture and storage.

Workers Protections

Led passage of the 1992 Coal Act that affected 200,000 retired coal miners and their widows to that received promised lifetime health benefits.

Authored the MINER Act of 2006, the most significant mine safety legislation in years.

Authored the Health Coverage Tax Credit for trade affected workers PBGC payees and their families.

Demanded extension of unemployment benefits and payroll tax cuts in 2009 and 2011.

Health Care

Authored the Children’s Health Insurance Program, that in 2011 covering 40,000 West Virginia children and 8 million nationwide.

Authored the Medical Loss Ratio in the health care reform law of 2010 – 16,000 West Virginia residents already have received $2.7 million in rebates.

Fought for quality standards for nursing homes and to prevent impoverishment of spouses.

Led passage of two laws to provide fiscal relief for states to meet their Medicaid expenses.


Led efforts to acknowledge Gulf War Illness, which is now addressed with proper treatment.

Created a network of community-based clinics to provide veterans care closer to home.

Authored the law that gave ongoing delivery of affordable prescription drugs veterans need.


Authored the E-Rate program, which gave nearly $190 million to West Virginia schools and libraries for Internet access.

Led efforts to create Noyce Scholarship Program for math and science teachers.


Sponsored legislation that reformed national intelligence operations following 9/11.

Sponsored legislation that established a wireless network for first responders for use in emergencies.

There are countless other examples of how Senator John D. Rockefeller has served West Virginia and its residents, as an advocate on problems that individuals have had with dealing with federal agencies.

It seems as though the Wheeling News- Register/Intelligencer’s editorial staff and many of your readers have chosen to forget or ignore. This is a case of holding out one of your hands and slapping with the other, all the while complaining “what have you done for me lately?”

Senator Rockefeller has been a tireless advocate and representative that I have been proud to have had the honor to know. Thank you, Senator Rockefeller, I shall always remember and honor your hard work fighting for West Virginia.

Barbara A. Scott