Gun Control Won’t Prevent More Deaths

Editor, News-Register:

On gun control, why is it that people are always reactive instead of proactive? Do you really ,honestly think that new gun control laws are the answer? Think about this: Awhile ago in China, a man went to a school and killed 30-some odd children with a machete. How many have been killed by cars,bombs,or bows?

Outlawing an inanimate object does not stop one that is determined to do destruction. I feel terrible for the kids and their familiess,but we must use our heads on this one. Increase safety and security and you have all but eliminated the threat. It wont stop the killers, but it will slow them down. It doesn’t matter if it’s high-capacity or not, people by nature are evil, so be more vigilant in observing your surroundings. You just may save a life.

Kenneth D. Newman