Guns not the problem, mental illness is

Taking guns out of everyone’s hands is not the solution to a very dangerous problem. No one will ever give up their guns, not in this country. History has taught us not to.

I do not shoot guns, but I have one. My home was once robbed and I will never part with my gun.

Face the facts, “they” have ignored the problem for a very long time. No one wants to believe that the mind can be ill.

If you look at all of the mass gun killings, every one of those persons was mentally ill. This is the problem that we need to address.

My brother had a mental problem and one time when he was clear-minded he said, “I wish my problem was a broken arm, which could be fixed.”

No one wants to be mentally ill, and cannot admit it once they are.

And the loved ones are not sure what to do to help for many reasons.

Please, those in charge, work on getting the mentally ill the help they need. That would solve 90 percent of the problems with mass murders.

Lyda Cox