Liberals not so liberal when it comes to the Second Amendment

Liberals are so into allowing everything to be allowed, especially in terms of the First Amendment, because it’s an amendment and it’s the law.

They defend people who protest against funerals of fallen soldiers. They defend flag burners. They defend atheists who can’t stand a prayer anywhere in public or any mention of God in the classroom. The Ten Commandments should never be known by anyone.

And to the contrary, I’ve never seen riot gear at a Tea Party demonstration, just peaceful demonstrations. And yet liberals seem to be violent and threatening.

And now, all of a sudden, when it comes to the Second Amendment, liberals have become very conservative. They don’t want to allow law-abiding citizens to own guns.

As a liberal philosophy, they should be all for everyone owning all the guns they want. It’s a total liberal cause, do what we want when we want.

Why are liberals so liberal on other amendments but conservative on the Second Amendment?

Tom Standiford

New Martinsville