Obama Spending Nation Into Ruin

Editor, News-Register:

I must respond to an opinion in the newspaper by Charles Rogerson on Nov. 20 concerning what he called a “Smear Strategy” against our recently re-elected president. This is another example of the 180-degree twist that Obama supporters and the mainstream media put on the news. The most disturbing part of Mr. Rogerson’s mindset isn’t his arrogant insecure bias against anyone who he and his party perceives as rich, or above them in class or financially; it’s that as a local college professor, he most likely tries to pass his anti-traditional, anti-constitution, twisted values on to his students. Mr. Rogerson apparently knows more about English than he does the history of our country and what made it the greatest in the history of the world. I might remind him that not one county in the state of West Virginia, nor in our tri-state area, received a majority vote for his idol.

Evidently he didn’t recognize, or care, that Mr. Obama didn’t have a prayer of running on his record – so he and his supporters ran the most savage campaign in our time, if not our history. While he spoke of “facts,” he, like so many other narrow-minded liberals, exhibits an unreasonable twisted hatred for the previous President Bush. Like President Clinton’s definition of “is,” they wouldn’t know a leader if they saw one. It seems that they are OK with yearly trillion-dollar deficits (even though Bush’s $250 billion deficit was “unpatriotic”), high unemployment, over 900 executive orders, over 30 czars, not one budget in his first term, government control of health care, student loans, and the list goes on and on. The most damning example of his callous manner of “leading” is the abandonment of our Libyan ambassador. To simply admit that the attack was by al-Qaida forces was counter to Obama’s statement that “al-Qaida has been defeated.” As a result, we suffer the deaths of Ambassador Stephens and three other brave Americans. How grossly incompetent and insecure is this? In other words, he’s saying that his policy and image is more important than American lives. Yet his supporters and the mainstream news media are doing their best to cover for him. Does anyone remember Watergate?

Anyone who thinks that this president has, by any measure, contributed to making this country better in his first four years is completely out of touch with reality or is so self-centered that they don’t even care. Mr. Rogerson states, “Imagine if Obama had done something gruesomely wrong in his first term.” How about – Imagine if Obama had done something right would be closer to reality. The facts are that this president basically was re-elected because he used billions of stimulus tax dollars to in effect buy votes for those with the entitlement mindset. If there were an accounting of the stimulus money (don’t hold your breath) it would show that the lion’s share of it went to states and was utilized to prevent public-sector union job layoffs for a while (teachers, policemen, firemen, etc.), to save GM (which after government giveaways of $50 billion ended up in bankruptcy anyway), and untold billions to green energy. The end result was that unions and others that were involved in these handouts got voters out in support of Obama to keep those government handouts coming. Obama and the Democratic Party in effect bought the election with tax payer money, and no, he did not receive a mandate by any stretch! While unions have been a large factor in elevating the lower class in the past, in many cases they are now hurting their own membership, especially in the public sector. Public salaries and benefits paid by tax dollars are in many cases out of line with the private sector. They deserve fair compensation for the jobs that they do, but common sense is still the bottom line.

The same can be said of the Democratic Party. They have gone off the liberal cliff. As shown by the first term of the Obama Administration, spending growth of government doesn’t create any sustaining economic growth. In effect it does the opposite. Just ask the people of all social classes that are looking for jobs. The real unemployment rate is now higher than when Obama first took office; and government spending, as a percentage of the GOP, has risen from 40 percent to over 70 percent during his administration. This is a shocking statistic! If this type of liberal government spending isn’t reversed, the debt will be high from here on just as it is in Europe.

I agree with Mr. Rogerson that there is anger and yes, hatred, among conservatives – especially in regard to what this president and his administration have done to this country in the past four years with their disastrous self-serving destructive policies. It’s scary to think what four more years of this administration will bring. They are the antithesis of what this country needs to get back on track. They spend us into trillions of dollars of debt every year and then want more stimulus and no cuts except to the military. This administration is brazen enough that they now want us to give them a blank check! They want more spending and stimulus to buy more political favors. He is hanging us with our own rope – tax dollars – to hell with the country. You never hear them speak of moral values, except in the process of lowering them (abortion, gay marriage, government controlled healthcare, and yes the death panels that will result from Obama Care, taking God out of the Democratic Convention, etc., etc., etc.). Little by little this president and the Democratic Party are desensitizing and lowering this country’s social and moral values. By these standards this president, in comparison to our founding fathers ideals, isn’t qualified to lead a dog! All you need to do to aid in this degrading of our country is to sit there, keep your mouth shut, and do nothing. Sooner or later the common sense pendulum will swing back, and when it does, they’ll probably blame Bush. It’s a good bet that in time the Democratic Party and this country itself will regret the day they ever heard the name Barrack Hussein Obama. If “ignorance, arrogance, and incompetence are bliss” liberals must be on cloud nine.