Obama Wrecking The United States

Editor, News-Register:

I would like to know how the American people can let Obama and the Washington bureaucrats destroy America. Have all of you Obama supporters gone insane? Absolutely!

If all of you – and Obama – hate America and what it stands for, then get the Hell out now!

All of you and Obama can go to any other country and destroy them like you are doing in America. No matter what bill or how the Senate, House, or Congress and the American people want and need to pass, Obama will use his executive order or veto for anything that will benefit the American people or America. Obama has proved this over and over. If this is not a dictatorship, then what the Hell will you call it? How much more will it take for America to wake and stop Obama is his tracks?

People, please wake up and admit the crisis Obama has dealt the American people, such as the $16 trillion debt that will be up to your children and grandchildren to pay; all the cover-ups and lies about the attack on Benghazi; cutting our military by millions. When the “fiscal cliff” was hanging over our heads, Obama went on vacation to Hawaii, then flew back to make a deal and not a solution to the crisis; people who were devastated by Hurricane Sandy are still waiting for all the help Obama promised.

Now, Obama passed a law so Obama and family will have Secret Service protection for life, paid for by your tax dollars. Hope this makes you happy.

Suzanne Strain

St. Clairsville