Other liars get a pass, but not Lance

I’m getting tired of Lance Armstrong being called a liar. OK, I admit he did lie.

He lied about doping, using performance-enhancing (illegal) drugs, and did a lot of other bad things he should not have done. He won races he should not have won. He cost a lot of people their careers.

But did he ever lie about where he was born? Does he use a Social Security card number of a dead person from a state he’s never lived in? Has he ever lied about traveling on another county’s passport? Did he lose a law license because he lied on the application about having more than one name? Did he lie about registering for selective service when he turned 18? Did he attend college as a foreign student and now proclaim to be an American? I don’t think so.

We all know someone guilty of all those lies including the same lies Armstrong is guilty of, and guess what? Main Street media gives him a big PASS.

We can all thank Oprah for getting Lance to come clean about his life. If only the other liar would come clean to Oprah, maybe we could get America heading back in the right direction.

Jamie Carmosino