Prevent Poaching Of Rare Animals

Editor, News-Register:

To whom it may concern. Note: With this letter I do not imply Asian elephants are most endangered, I just chose them. Numerous animals are “doubtful survivors.” China is home and the only home to a species of elephant called Asian elephant. These elephants only live in China and unlike African elephants, which have reasonable numbers, only 250 Asian elephants exist. China has taken various steps to protect them from the typical danger of wandering onto private property, making them targets for being killed.

The only predator they have, which is a very dangerous one, is poachers. Poachers have no predators except occasional park rangers.

China passed laws requiring Asian elephant poachers caught in the act be executed. I am in 100 percent agreement with this law. For decades I have felt any poacher caught in the act should be executed. A deterrent is also needed for suspected poachers.

The number of poachers is continually increasing worldwide and animal populations are continually decreasing worldwide. There is too much money involved in poaching. For some, especially birds and small animals, two or three die while being trapped, caught, transported or caged before one survives those ordeals and goes to market. Then many die in international transportation and shipping. Meanwhile, the greedy business of using them for pets is illegal in many countries. What a waste!

Today there is no deterrent for poaching in most countries except a slap on the hands. Many governments promote poaching because it’s good for the economy. The big fat white suit guys (may be an anachronism) that control most poachers just sit back enjoying their drinks while making hundreds of thousands of dollars. They should be first for execution as major accomplices rather than our pretending they don’t exist. It’s a degenerate joke society plays on itself and a fatal one for animals. Money for trophies of animals on endangered species list will increase dramatically as animal populations decrease: more incentive for poachers and white suit guys.

In grand scheme of things for creation of universe, I doubt that one second after the big bang there were plans in the works such as that 13.5 billion years later, there would be a planet called Earth with one of its animals called amur leopard. From populations of tens of thousands before humans, 30 are left all in China. Humans do good work. Who needs amurs; we’re doing fine with 30.

What’s the problem? Besides the fact they are integral part of the world biosphere, millionaires and billionaires need them dead for trophies and skins. Then they can enhance their arrogant, greedy lifestyle of big game hunter. Example: “Hey guys, look at this amur leopard I killed with my genuine cromagnon man animal killer club!” Wait until amur leopard count goes from 30 down to one.

Trophy price will go to millions and billions of dollars. Poachers might realize after this amur leopard is caught, they are a done deal: forever. Poachers will be all over the Himalayan mountains like stink of feces. Even the U.S. Army would have trouble in stopping it, although I would like to see them try! Not only in China but all around the world.

Should this amur leopard disaster happen, my money is on poachers. Those mountains aren’t quite like a golf course fairway. Following are more costly catlike animals, I think, on the brink. It is my list, not necessarily an endangered species list. There are also many other animals, of all types that are on the brink: snow leopard, spotted leopard, leopard, black jaguar, jaguar, black panther, Siberian tiger, cheetah, polar bear and panda bear.

A reminder of what devastation sport killing can do, let alone poaching: In the 1800s mighty hunters of America used railroads, stage coaches and horses. With great daring they reduced buffalo from 30 million to under 1,000. It was done in 50 years. Yeah, brave hunters. It will be interesting to see if new brave grey wolf hunters decimate wolves in some ignorant, short-sighted, stupid, western states. Hunters can use snowmobiles, airplanes, RVs, ATVs, SUVs, dog sleds and gliders. They will paid for their daring hunting efforts like illegal poachers. Such pride for their hunting. I hope no wolves have rifles or the hunt will have a whole new twist!

We live in a super duper-ultra high-tech age that keeps getting higher and higher tech. Cameras that see anything through almost anything. Sound detection devices that hear anything through almost anything and can be programmed to identify human voices, number of humans in group, vehicles sounds and major type of vehicle, motion detection and movement sounds and major type of sound source, various animal sounds and animal category for many of them. For all of the above, approximate distance and direction to source, from monitoring devices, with simultaneous transmission to manned remote locations. Monitor protection and security devices will be a considerable challenge.

I think sufficient technology exists that with creative brainstorming sessions and expert systems design and development, poachers could be stopped dead in their tracks or at minimum have a big dent put in their activities. Something has to happen!

James Wisialowski