Rockefeller Has Served West Virginia

Editor, News-Register:

I read the editorial in The Intelligencer, dated Jan. 12. The editorial was entitled “Representing West Virginia.” In the editorial, the writer referred to the war against coal and implied that Senator Rockefeller was attacking coal.

I guess that is what the “radical right” likes to say about someone that tells the truth. Why hasn’t the Intelligencer/Wheeling News-Register ever printed the report that states the biggest threat to coal is not the EPA but the cheap price of natural gas? The was in the February 2012 report entitled “Why Coal Plants Retire: Power Market Fundamentals as of 2012.” In this report it makes the point that a lot of coal- fired power plants would be retired due to cost considerations. The price of natural gas has fallen to the point that it would not be feasible to build a new coal-fired power plant when a gas-fired power plant was so much cheaper to build and operate. Stories in other newspapers had managers of power plants stating that more profit could be made from having the power plant fueled by natural gas. The phrase “War on Coal” is a phrase the “radical right” uses to get their people elected.

As for Sen. Rockefeller not representing West Virginians, maybe someone should ask the tens of thousands of coal miners and their dependents that have insurance through a bill called the Coal Act or more commonly called The Rockefeller Bill. Sen. Rockefeller has supported safety for coal miners for years. Don’t be fooled by an editorial or letter from a biased person to a newspaper that is so out of touch with reality.

David H. Miller