Signs are ugly and dangerous

I drive Route 88 North between National Road and West Liberty regularly and I appreciate its scenery. But its natural beauty has been marred by the new, glaring, ever-changing electronic sign at the entrance to Stratford Springs.

Besides ruining the beauty of the area, it makes it very difficult to see Route 88, especially when it’s dark and rainy. The brightness of the sign not only demands the driver’s attention but it makes the area around the sign comparatively darker; trying to see the curve of the black asphalt road with the bright light of the sign in your eyes is a challenge for any driver, especially one who is not familiar with the road.

Such electronic signs are quite effective in attracting attention and may be appropriate when used in a congested area, where they would need to stand out in a crowd. But in the darkness of Route 88, such a sign is not only unnecessary, it is dangerous.

Janet L. Honecker