Thanks Expressed Through Verse

Editor, News-Register:

A Litany of Thanks:

You who have given your precious time

Teaching us to read

Solving the riddles of Algebra

Sharing your histories

And eagerly hearing ours

Thank you.

You who have been our voice

Advocates of justice, pardon & peace

Guardians of our best interest

Thank you.

You who have shared

The fruits of your own labors

Giving us opportunities

Fulfilling our needs

Thank you.

You who have shared your wisdom

Helped blaze promising paths

Guide our efforts as

If your own

Thank you.

You Magi who bring Christmas

You angels of our birthday

You knitters and quilters

Blessing us with your hands

Thank you.

You have kept vigil

For the homeless as they slept

Filled them full with haute cuisine

Nourished their souls

With dignity & friendship

Thank you.

You have prayed for us

And taught us how to pray

Invited us to be part of

Your community of fellowship

Thank you.