Who Knows What Happens With Wells?

Editor, News-Register:

What’s happening 5,000 feet down?

Recently, I found an entry in the newspaper listing for “Oil and Gas Lease Agreements” for a parcel of land 0.1377 acres in size. Assuming it is square, that gives 26 yards per side and a diagonal of 37 yards.

Assuming drilling platform is located in one corner with some border space around it, the drill bit, etc., would be about five yards from the corner. After drilling 5,000 plus feet, the curve is made to continue drilling horizontally. I guess it takes at least five yards horizontally to make the curve. That leaves about 27 yards for horizontal drilling, fracking, and gas extraction, etc.

I have trouble believing companies involved would go through all the drilling and fracking expenses for a 27 yard “run.” So what might be the actual distance they would drill horizontally in a case like this? Under how many properties on average? Who will get what percent of royalties? And best of all, who will know the difference?

James R. Wisialowski