And We Wonder Why They Make Fun of Us?

Editor, News-Register:

I know why the rest of the nation continues to look at West Virginia as “backwoods hillbillies” and “going no where.” What do you expect when you invite every person that is looking for a free handout to our state?

I mean, why work when you can beat the system right here in West Virginia? It is a known fact that if you are homeless and poor, each state will give you a free bus ticket to one of two places: Parkersburg or Wheeling. Just ask them, they will tell you they have it better here than they ever did in the state they came from.

You can collect a check, food stamps and a medical card all on what tax-paying citizens we have left. The government blames Obama for the deficit; well, why educate yourself to get a better job, work for minimum wage and collect 10 times back what you pay in taxes come every January?

The term “societal leech” comes to my mind a lot lately. Let me tell you about a couple: I have watched a disabled friend of mine raise another woman’s child for more that a year now. The child’s mother collects child support and food stamps; she gives none to this woman to help feed the child. She has to sell those food stamps to feed her own crack habit.

Don’t call the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources – no, don’t call them once, not twice, and definitely not three times to report it. They don’t care. They take your name and your complaint and send it to file 13 because nothing was done. Happy ending there: Mother is going to jail for her drug habit and signed her rights over to the friend, so her husband would still have to pay child support. She probably expects the friend to put it on the “books” for her while she is in jail.

Here is another story: Mom buys stolen food stamp card, is on film using it, tells the state that her son doesn’t have any insurance, but the father has carried insurance on the child all along. She continuously tells the state that she is separated from her husband so she can get more food stamps and he never leaves the house. Her daughter grows up and gets a bill from the state of West Virginia; she gets told if she can’t prove where she lived from the time she was 17 to 21 she has to pay the state $3,000 for the food stamps that her mother collected for her. Here is the problem: She hasn’t lived at home with her mother since of the age of 15 and a simple look at the courthouse records will also tell you that her father had custody of her from ages 15-21.

It shouldn’t even be on the daughter to prove that she did not live with her mother; she was a minor, and had no idea that her mother was lying to the state and saying that she lived with her to collect more food stamps. Yes, you got it: Mother gets away with it every time and yes, the DHHR is called and told on a regular basis that she lies. Nope, nothing gets done.

The state of West Virginia thinks that changing to a credit card will stop people from selling their food stamps. Wrong. We wonder why the nation sits back and laughs at us. I know 13-year-olds who can’t read on a first grade level, but they pass them on through school never helping them.

Are children are seriously addicted to pain medication? You are a fool if you think your child hasn’t been exposed to the pills that run rampant through this state. My daughter is soon to be 22 and she came home from the prominent country middle school that Marshall County has and told me stories of kids crushing pills and snorting them up their noses. That was nearly 10 years ago. This drug problem that West Virginia has didn’t just happen overnight. No, we had to wait till the No. 1 cause of death in males age 18-26 is drug overdose.

Yes, your West Virginia sons have a better chance surviving a drag race and finally West Virginia lies when they say they want to bring business into the state or keep the ones they have. On that one, I will have to keep my mouth shut about for awhile. But I know what certain people are all about in this state. Just sayin’.

Tina L. Long